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Sinharaja Rain Forest


Sinharaja Rainforest Photograph of endemic plant

These are the veriaty of plants one comes across on the way leading to inside of the Sinharaja Rain Forest.

There are about 217 endemic trees in Sri Lanka and about 140 of them can be found in Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

In the forest Canopy Layer, endemic plants belonging to the families of Dipterocarpaceae ( plant spieces Dipterocarpus zeylanicus, Doona congestifolia,Doona trapezifolia,Doona macrophylla,Dipterocarpus hispidus), Celastraceac( plant spieces Kokoona zeylanica,Bhesa ceylanica) ,Cornaceae( plant spieces Mastixia tetrandra) ,Sapotaceae ( plant spieces Madhuca fulva) ,Myristicaceae ( plant spieces Myristica dactyloides) can be found.

Some of the endemic trees belonging to Sub Canopy Layer families are Rubiaceae ( plant spieces Dichilanthe zeylanica), Clusiaceae ( plant spieces Calophyllum bracteatum), Sapotaceae ( plant spieces Palaquium rubiginosum), Myrtaceae ( plant spieces Syzygium neesianum) and Sapindaceae ( plant spieces Glenniea unijuga)

Endemic plants in Ground Layer are Families of Euphorbiaceae ( plant spieces Agrostistachys coriacea, Aporusa lanceolata, Bridelia mooni), Rubiaceae ( plant spieces Nargedia macrocapa) and Olacaceae ( plant spieces Strombosa nana)

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