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Weather for Sri Lanka Now

The Quick Weather Forecast for Sri Lanka

METEOSAT-7 Satellite's Infra Red Weather Map

Click the image below to open up the latest METEOSAT-7 Satellite's Infra Red Weather Map. Return to this page by clicking the Back Button of the Browser . Compare the Real time image of the Satellite showing Sri Lanka with the sample key images provided below , just by hovering the mouse pointer over a maching image.

image from the Weather Satelite in which the part of Sri Lanka was enlarged as shown in the above leftmost figure

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Good Weather

Good Weather- Clear Sky-Sunny during Day time


Good weather with intermittent clouds

Good Weather- Cloudy sky with sunshine for the island


Cloudy Sky_little sunshine

Mostly cloudy weather with a drizzle sometimes

rainy weather

Rain expected at the southern part of the country


Heavy Rain most of the time

Heavy rain throughout the island and to be continued


Stormy weather

Heavy rain and stormy weather all over the island


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Places in Sri Lanka for Weather Guide

Sri Lanka map-Towns

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weather today

Weather Today




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