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E01 Expressway E01 Express Highway

Sri Lanka's First Express Highway


Travelling on E01 Southern Expressway - Sri Lanka's First E class Highway

The E01 Southern Express Highway commissioned on end November 2011 is a welcome change to the existing Roadway network which mostly originated during the British era. Lacing through the picturesque landscape at a speed of 100 kmph and reaching the destination around an hour [ Kottawa to Galle ] is quite comfortable and would be a novel experience to the Sri Lankan traveller. With the completion of the expressway up to Matara, it will enable the traveller from Colombo to reach the Southern part of Sri Lanka with in one and half hours.

Presently there are eight Interchange points along the E01 Expressway. They are Kottawa Interchange, Kahatuduwa Interchange, Gelanigama Interchange, Dodangoda Interchange, Welipenna Interchange, Kurundugahahetekma Interchange, Baddegama Interchange and Pinnaduwa Interchange.

The RDA or the Road Development Authority maintains the E01 Expressway and information from RDA Website and literature was used to create this web page. The Expressway route is yet to be published in Sri Lanka maps but the reader can access the Route Map provided by the RDA for its Expressway Guide.


E01 Expressway from Galle to Matara

The Second Phase of the E01 Expressway from Galle to Matara was commissioned on 15th March 2014. Entry from Galle to the expressway is from Pinnaduwa Interchange. Exit to Matara is from Godagama Interchange. From Pinnaduwa Interchange proceeding towards Matara, the first interchange that comes across is Imaduwa Interchange. It connects to Galle-Deniyaya-Madampe main road. The second Interchange coming across is Kokmaduwa Interchange which connects to Imaduwa -Kananke road. Passing Kokmaduwa Interchange, the exit to Matara is through Godagama Interchange.

There are plans to have two more interchanges along Galle - Matara expressway. One between Pinnaduwa and Imaduwa and the other between Kokmaduwa and Godagama. The length of newly constructed section of the expressway from Galle to Matara is 35 km. The

Third phase of the expressway will lead upto Hambantota also connecting to Mattala Air Port which is going to be started in a future date.







E01 Interchange points


The Route of E01 Southern Expressway on Sri Lanka Map - from RDA Expressway Guide

E01 expressway RDA Map


Download E01 Route Interchange Details as PDF pdf



Visit RDA Web site for Expressway Network of Sri Lanka


Visit RDA Web site for E01 - Southern Expressway (SE) and Map


Visit RDA Web site for E02 - Outer Circular Highway (OCH) and the Map


Visit RDA Web site for E03 - Colombo-Katunayaka Expressway (CKE) and the Map



E02 Outer Circular Highway ( OCH )

E02 Expressway or the Outer Circular Highway once completed will be around 30 km in length passing through Colombo Metropolitan region. According to RDA Web site information, the northern end of the highway is located at Kerawalapitiya on Colombo-Katunayake Expressway and the southern end is located at Kottawa on Colombo-Ratnapura-Wellawaya-Batticaloa (A004) road where Southern
Expressway meets OCH. According to the information t
he expressway is to be implemented in three phases. The speed limit in E02 is also as in other Expressways, that is 100km/Hr max.

First Phase - from Kottawa to Kaduwela with a length of 11.0 km
Second Phase from Kaduwela to Kadawatha with a length of 8.9 km
Third Phase from Kadawatha to Kerawelapitiya with a length of 9.3 km

Total length of the
E02 or the Outer Circular Highway once completed will be 29.2 km

Entering OCH from Kothalawala entry point via Malabe - Kaduwela Road to Kottawa Interchange was commissioned on 8th March 2014 which has a length of 9 km. The Expressway length from this entry point to Matara is 142 km. Later this will be extended to Kaduwela, Kadawatha and Kerawalapitiya. There will be several Interchanges in OCH. Namely Kerawalapitiya, Elapitiwela, Kadawata, Waturapatha, Hewagama and Makumbura Interchanges.


Appearing below is a scaled down version of the Map from RDA showing E02 OCH.



E03 Colombo-Katunayaka Expressway

The 25.8 km length E03 Expressway from Colombo to Katunayake was commissioned on 27th October 2013. Though mainly will be utilized by motorists to and fro from Katunayake Airport, it facilitate and reduce travel time for those driving to Negombo and beyond, to Chilaw, Putlam or Jaffna. Starting from New Kelaniya Bridge and proceeding towards Katunayake, the first Interchange met is Peliyagoda. The second interchange at present is at Ja Ela but later on Kerawalapitiya Interchange will come before Ja Ela Interchange.At present passing Ja Ela will be the Katunayake Interchange which facilitate driving upto the Air Port or towards Negombo.

Kelaniya New Bridge---->Peliyagoda Interchange---> Ja Ela Interchange---> Katunayaka Interchange


Appearing below is a scaled down version of the Map from RDA showing E03 Expressway.




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e01 srilanka highway wallpapers
e01 srilanka highway wallpapers




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