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Interactive Google Map of Mulkirigala Rock Temple Complex

Mulkirigala Rock Temple Home Page


View of Mulkirigala ancient lake and the surroundings seen from Rock top.

View of Mulkirigala ancient Lake (Wewa) and surrounding landscape, seen from Raja Maha Vihara Maluwa (3rd Terrace)


This web page consists of a Google Interactive Map with thumbnail images of Mulkirigala Rock Temple Complex.

In addition to that, a sketched layout of the Mulkirigala Temple Complex as an Interactive map showing 800x600 pixel images of selected viewpoints prepared by can also be accessed.



Interactive Map of Mulkirigala Rock Temple

Interactive Google Satellite Map of Mulkirigala Rock Temple


Mulkirigala Rock Temple Interactive Image Map

Click on Camera image to see the view of the place

Interactive map of Mulkirigala Rock temple Complex based on a sketched plan. This interactive map  opens up selected viewpoints  with 800 x 600 pixel images


Click on + sign to Enlarge Mulkirigala Google Satellite Map appearing below. Then Click on Place markers.


Mulkirigala Rock Temple's Interactive Google Satellite Map

Interactive Google map of Mulkirigala







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