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How to obtain Weather Data from Meteogram is described using an example meteogram below. meteogram explanation- How to read the 48 hour weather prediction meteogram from


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Time, Weather Symbol corresponding to the weather condition at the Time, Temperature, Precipitation or the Rainfall for 3 hour periods, Wind condition, direction and speed, Atmospheric Pressure, Humidity, Dew Point, Fog, Total Cloud Cover of the Sky and Cloud Cover of Low, Middle and High Clouds also are given in a Table as shown in the following example table. data table of weather prediction


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Kataragama Photographs

Kataragama Kiri Vehera

Kataragama Kiri Vehera


Kataragama Kiri Vehera

Kataragama Kiri Vehera


Kataragama Menik Ganga river

Kataragama Menik Ganga river


Kataragama Temple

Kataragama Temple


Kataragama Temple

Kataragama Temple


Kataragama Temple

Kataragama Temple


Kataragama Temple Elephant

Kataragama Temple  elephant


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Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corp., which is the largest Weather forecaster in Norway. forecasts for over nine million places in the world, 900,000 of which are in Norway. The Norwegian forecasts are updated six to eight times a day with precipitation.
In addition to the forecasts , has many other related services: Weather radar, satellite imagery, pollen forecasts, etc.
About 99 percent of Norwegian Internet users know, and 56 percent say they use the service every week (figures from Synovate, December 2011).
Up to 4.6 million unique users have visited weekly (figures from TNS Gallup, July 2012). gives away free weather reports to all who wants such information.

What is yr?

The meteorological definition: Yr is a steady and easy form of precipitation. Drop size of the yrdropar is less than regndropar, usually about 0.5 mm in diameter or less. Yr usually cast from stratiform (layered) clouds, but can in some cases falling from low cumulus clouds. Here in this country arises yr usually in connection with warmfrontar, and then often in the warm sector between a warm front and a cold front.
Other meanings of the word yr: happy, energetic, wild, crazy, horny, confused frenzy, whirled in small for a school of fish.

NRK Meteorological Institute

Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation have collaborated for more than 70 years to provide forecasts. In 2007 expanded institutions collaborated to also apply to the internet, when was officially launched on 19 september. soon became a popular network service and is now the largest vêrtenesta online in Norway. The pages are further developed continuously, with new services and more data. Please write to us if you have feedback or wishes on other services!

The story of every year . is made jointly by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK. Meteorological Institute is responsible for the data and the subject content, NRK for presentation, design, editorial content and the delivery of notifications to users.

Meteorological responsible: Anton Eliassen, director of the Institute Metorologisk.
Editor: Hans Tore Bjerkaas, broadcast manager at NRK.
Editor: Tom Erik Støwer, NRK.

What can you find on

On you notice for more than 9 million places in the whole world. The Norwegian place names follow the official spelling from the Norwegian Mapping Authority. In addition, we provide news and facts surrounding the weather to do.

Weather forecasting on is based on data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and from the international collaborators to the Department (ECMWF, EUMETSAT etc.). Much of the forecasts are directed towards the general public while others will be so specialized that they can only be of interest to academics. is financed by taxes and license fees, and should therefore be "something for everyone".

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