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New- Mulkirigala Temple

Mulkirigala Rock

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Refreshing of Web Pages

If you are revisiting the Srilankaview site, it would be best to Refresh the main web pages you visit, for instance , Sri Lanka, Kandy, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Mihintale, Kelaniya, Hattikuchchi Viharaya, Degaldoruwa, Knuckles Mountain Range and Ritigala Web Pages. Otherwise there is a possibility of missing an updated version of the page.

Press F5 Key of the Key Board to Refresh a web page.

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Since this is a Photo rich web site, viewing the Photo Essayed pages in Full Screen View will enhance the viewing pleasure of 800 x 600 res. pictures.

Press F11 Key of the Key Board to On-OFF full Screen View

Weather in the Island

Plan to tour somewhere in the island ? See for yourself if there are rain clouds around in the real time weather satellite images. Visit the Weather page.

Free Wallpapers for your Desktop

Visit the Desktop Wallpaper Collection of Hi Res Sri Lanka Nature Scenes for your Personal Use.

Flora of Sri Lanka

Are you a Nature lover? Find about some important Flora species in our Rain Forests. Visit the Flora of Sri Lanka page.


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