Kandy Lake Biso Kotuwa

Kandy Lake, which was man-made and constructed more than 200 years ago in a valley surrounded by hills, has made the city of Kandy a picturesque sight that draws people in. The island built in the lake, called "Diyatilaka Mandapaya," is of latitude 7.292107 and longitude 80.640585. This island is 16 meters wide and 32 meters long.The Lake has a surface water area of 47 acres (19 hectares)

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Biso Kotuwa Water Spill

One of the most prominent features of the Kandy Lake is the Biso Kotuwa or a re creation of an ancient spill water control unit with a Kandyan architectural touch. Biso Kotuwa's are found in large Tanks (Wewa) of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa era. Studying the existing historical evidence, it can be thought that this Biso Kotuwa had been an addition, constructed during the latter part of the British administration.

Spill Gates Today

Water spill area around Biso Kotuwa had been reconstructed for infra structure improvement enabling the Lake Round walking path to be continuous over this water spill area of the Lake too.

Water spilling Kandy lake

Here you can see the excess water is being taken out through one of the the sluice gates of the Lake.

Sluice Gates Open Kandy Lake

The image shows two sluice gates on either side of the Biso Kotuwa which controls the water level of the Lake.

Spill Water Curtains Kandy Lake Today

The lake and the nearby trees entice birds to frequent the environment, and bird watchers have recorded roughly a hundred different species of birds as a result.
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Spill Water Curtain Top View

Spill water that is coming out from the lake is diverted on to this broad concrete slab and let the water free fall on to the rocks below.

KMC Car Park Corner Spilling Water Scenery

The spilling water from the Kandy Lake occurs only when there is heavy rain to the catchment area of the Kandy Lake. Mainly it is Udawatte Forest area and Dunumadalawa forest area inclusive of other areas of the Kandy city sloping towards the Kandy Lake. During the time the multi storied car park was built, the earlier water flowing path was modified to add the present Spilling Water Curtain effect to beautify the area near the Car Park. Though it is an unique idea and a very practical beautification effort, the area should be properly maintained to attract visitors during the short period the water spilling from the lake occurs. The effect is quite awesome as one can see from the images.
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