Kandy Lake how it was constructed

Kandy Lake, which was constructed more than 200 years ago in a valley surrounded by Udawatta Kele hill, Hantana Mountain and Bahirava Kanda hill, has made the city of Kandy a picturesque sight that draws people in. In this image you can see the raised water level of the Lake above the surrounding area which was made possible by building a stone dam. The Decorative wall was constructed on top of the stone dam.

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Lake's Water Level Above Queens Hotel Ground level

The Northern section of the Lake's built up dam runs parallel to the Queens Hotel as can be seen here. In this image you can see the Western section of the dam meets up with the Northern section of the dam just behind the boat anchored at the Boat House. This corner of the Lake is the highest elevated point over the existed ground level.

Milky Sea

The last king of Sri Lanka, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, built the lake we see today known as Kandy Lake. It was known to people from earlier times as 'Kiri Muhuda' which means Milky Sea.

Lake's Edge Dalada Street Corner

This is the point the Lake's water level is highest in relation to the surrounding area
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Stone StepsLeading to the Lake

The Stone wall bodering the Lake's dam opposit Queen's Hotel and KCC were done lately by the British administration.

Road Ways

Since 1815 AD, the British administration has done many infra structure improvements surrounding the Lake. They built several roads on the lower hill side of Hantana mountains above lake's Southern bank, which were facilitating the traveler a fascinating view of the Lake below and the vast landscape for miles on.

Walking Path Western side Dam

The prominant part of the Walking path around the lake is the section from Ulpange ( Queen's Bathing House) to the Biso Kotuwa (Water Spill gate) end.

Stone Wall Workaround 1800 AD

This stone wall constructed at Natha Devalaya (Temple) gives an idea of the way the stone walls were constructed during the reign of King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. The Lake's dam had been constructed in a similar way as can be seen from the exposed dam's section from the Lake's water filled side.
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