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A stroll around Kandy Lake could be a very absorbing activity that probably can be done under one hour. A nature's remedy to heal oneself with Earthy, Watery and Airy elements to sooth one's inner self. One can see the Kandyan Architecture being used in the Decorative Wall created by the Architect of the project, Master craftsman Mulachariya Devendra.The last King of Sri Lanka, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe commanded in getting this lake constructed between years 1807 and 1812

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View from Kandy Lake's Eastern end

The lake and the nearby trees entice birds to frequent the environment, and bird watchers have recorded roughly a hundred different species of birds as a result.

Kandy lake at Dawn

Major Davie, an English Army officer who was imprisoned by the King in 1803, is credited with helping the King decide to dam up the lake's northern and western edges in order to turn the "Tigol Vela" paddy field into a lake.

Kandy Lake at day time

The Kandy Lake view during the day time.

View across Lake 'Tranquility'

You have a sense of isolation from the hectic surroundings as you look across the lake since there are no activities in front of your gaze.

Trees and Crow nests around Kandy Lake

The huge trees add another dimension to the Lake View, specially the Rain Trees along the walking path
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Kandy Lake'sWalking Path

The distance from the Joy Boat House to the east end of the lake is one Kilometer when sailing by boat. The 19 hectares or 47 acres of surface water make up the entire Lake. The trail that circles the lake's edge for the entire length is 2.7 kilometers long.The elevation of the lake is 1700 feet above MSL.

Tropical Plants at Kandy Lake perimeter

Enjoy the company of the living plants this Tropical environment offers to you
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