Kandy Lake Flora & Fauna

Kandy Lake, which was constructed more than 200 years ago in a valley surrounded by hills, has made the city of Kandy a picturesque sight that draws people in. The lake which has a surface water area of around 19 hectares or 47 acres is a home to fish,turtles,Asian Water Monitors ( Kabaragoya) and Little, Great and Indian Cormorants.

Spot Billed Pelican

The lake and the nearby trees entice birds to frequent the environment, and bird watchers have recorded roughly a hundred different species of birds as a result.The Spot Billed pelican can be seen in the lake that grows upto about 140 cm or about 4'6"

Indian Cormorant

Three types of Cormorants can be observed at the lake namely the Little Cormorant, Great Cormorant and the Indian Cormorants who dives into the water to get its prey.


The fallen trees that can be found in the lake becomes a handy resting place for birds, turtles and water monitors.

Little Egret

The lake and the banks nestled with trees has lured many Egret and Heron species to inhabit this environment.

Rain Tree Samanea Saman

The huge Rain Trees introduced to Sri Lanka by the British add the much needed shade to the Lake Round walking path.
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Duck on a tree

The Duck species that were introduced to the Lake have well adopted to the new habitat and can be seen at the Lake shore.

Water Monitor Kabaragoya

The Asian Water Monitor (Varanus salvator) is the Second largest Lizard in the World. The adult Water monitor grows up to around 2-2.5 Meters. You can see them in their natural habitat at the Kandy Lake. The World's largest Asian Water Monitor that had been recorded is also from the Kandy Lake which measured 3.2 Meters.
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