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Beautiful Home Gardens in Sri Lanka

Orchid Flowers-SriLanka

Home Garden Landscaping in SriLanka ( Kandy Suburb) with ornamental plants


The Tropical Climate of Sri Lanka augurs well for Plant life and it is very common to see beautiful Home gardens all around the island with a great variety of Plants and Trees.Very often Sri Lankan Home gardens have many flowering plants as well as fascinating varieties of foliage and numerous types of Trees.

In this page one is invited to have a look at an average home garden in a Kandy suburb of Sri Lanka which spreads in about 40 perches of land.One can have a few ideas on home gardening from the landscape images. In this environment the average Temperature fluctuate between 20-30 C and Humidity varies around 70%-95% .

Temperature and humidity  in a rainy day at Kandy

Temperature and Humidity in a Rainy day

During Monsoon period many types of Ferns spring up specially on places having wetness and subdue sunlight. Existing Fern varieties thrive on well during this period. Foliages of all shades of Green are a common sight during this period, though they hold well on to the Dry season also.


Bat Flower-Yaka Mala- Devil Flower-Tacca chantrieri

"Bat Flowers" or "Yaka Mala" or "Devil Flower"

A special treat here is some photographs of a bunch of Black colour "Bat Flowers" or "Yaka Mala" (Devil Flower) [Tacca chantrieri, of the yam family Dioscoreaceae] sprang up in this Home Gardens in Sri Lanka. Many types of Ferns , Air Plants, Foliage and Flowering Plants such as Orchids and Anthurium can be found among the pages.Special mention needs to be on two plants found among the garden.


Spanish Moss-Tillandsia uneoides

" Air Plant" or 'Spanish moss", or "GrayBeard'

" Air Plant" as called locally,is Spanish moss, or long moss, or graybeard (Tillandsia usneoides) which is in abundance throughout under the shades of bigger trees.Though not a true moss it does makes its own nutrients. It is not dependent on the tree or branch it grows on.Here they had been propagated by tying a small bunch of moss to a tree trunk with a wire.It belongs to epiphytes variety and almost reaches the ground from the branches they grow on.


Beduru-Oak leaf Fern-Drynaria quercifolia

"Beduru" or "Oak-leaf Fern"

The other interesting fern is "Beduru" which is the local name for the fern. It is the Oak-leaf Fern or Drynaria quercifolia. It also belongs to an ephiphyte. They are believed to be existing for many hundred millions of years on Earth . This is a rainforest plant and had adopted to the host climate wonderfully as can be seen from the two tree trunks they have been propagated.

Many other varieties of flora can be recognized from the larger images linked in to the thumbnail pictures.



Taking Greenery to the Living Areas-Home Gardens in Sri Lanka

What about having the luxury of living plants populating the house you are dwelling in? It is a very simple process once you have few pots of suitable plants thriving in manageable sized pots nursed in your garden. A potted plant can be kept inside the house for a week and then replace with another which had been kept out of the house in the garden. You can repeat this process and will need only two sets of potted plants only. Having few plants inside living area will enhance the total outlook of the place with its vibrating greenery eliminating the dullness and the monotonousness in a house.

Plants of Greenery kept inside  areas of residence

Foliage plant kept at a corner of a Stairway


Plants of Greenery kept inside  areas of residence

Foliage plant kept at a Bathroom/Toilet Floor



Plants of Greenery kept inside  areas of residence

Foliage plant kept at a a corner of a Wash Room/Toilet



Plants of Greenery kept inside  living areas of residence

Foliage plant kept at a Sitting Area



Plants of Greenery kept inside   areas of residence


Foliage plant kept at a corner of a Stairway Landing




Home Gardens can contribute to the Save Nature concept

This is a time the whole world is facing a crises from the Greenhouse effect that warms the surface of Earth by Sun's radiation surpassing the normal safety levels. Plants help to reduce this effect by absorbing CO2 of the atmosphere. Every year the world loses it's forest land due to man made activities. Those who takes to the cause of maintaining a home garden with plants and trees are invariably assisting the Nature to recover even in miniscule way from the Greenhouse effect thus being Environmental Friendly characters. Such a person can be proud of being adhering to the concept of Saving the Nature. Planting even one tree at your home garden will put you to the forefront of the caring human beings who would leave something useful to the next generation that cannot be assessed in monetary terms.



Save Nature concept popularisation by SriLankaView


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Flora family members who made the way to the Garden recently....

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